Product Highlights

Whelen Engineering offers top of the line products for the Automotive safety lighting and sirens market. Everything we offer is designed and manufactured in the USA.


RB6 Series

B6LED Series

B6T Series

B63 Series

2022 Series Strobe Beacons – Polycarbonate Base

800D Series

L31 Series Super-LED® Beacon, Class 1 High Dome – Cast Aluminum Base

L32 Series Super-LED®

L21 Series Super-LED® Encapsulated, Class 1, Polycarbonate Base

L22 Series Super-LED®, Single Color Encapsulated Beacon, Class 2 Amber – Polycarbonate Base

L10 Series Super-LED® Beacon, Class 1 Amber

L50 Series Super-LED® Beacon, Polycarbonate Base

L41 Series Super-LED®, Encapsulated Beacon

ROTA-BEAM™ Super-LED® R316 Series Beacon

ROTA-BEAM™ Super-LED® R416 Series Beacon

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