UnderCover Lux


The LUX cover is painted to match the factory color of your truck. Each cover is meticulously manufactured, painted, and assembled in our state of the art paint facility. The LUX is a painted ABS material, weighing nearly 65 lbs. It can be removed, stored, and then remounted in minutes. A single point lock controls both locking hinges on the underside of the cover providing the same security as the Classic, but with only one key point. Brilliant stylelines provide a clean, low profile look to the cover that goes unmatched by any fiberglass lid. Not only is it half the weight of a fiberglass cover, but you can also get your LUX in half the time. Have your LUX cover in days, not weeks.

Strong & Durable

The UnderCover LUX is made from ABS Composite material and the X-Effect structure on the underside gives it incredible strength and durability.

Weather Tight

With the UnderCover’s full perimeter seal and perfect fit, your gear will be protected from all elements – rain, sleet, or snow.

Factory Painted

A brand new, state of the art paint facility was built with the sole purpose of providing the highest quality and best matching paint finish available.

Single Point Lock

A single low profile Twist-Lock located in the center of the LUX operates latches on both sides of the truck bed; so your valuables stay secure and hidden. This inventive design offers the same strength and security as the UnderCover Classic but has been refined for a streamlined look and easier operation.

LED Light

The UnderCover LUX has a L.E.D. Light that shines bright using a self-contained battery power source – no wiring!


The UnderCover LUX is the lightest hard shell tonneau cover on the market. It removes easily in just minutes, without the need for any tools, using quick release hardware, and reinstall the cover without any adjustments needed.

Made in USA

All UnderCover products are made right here in the U.S.A.

Precise Engineering

Our in-house engineers laser scan each truck bed to collect precise data. That information is downloaded to our 3-D CAD software, from which our models are created.

Warehouse Distribution

With over 30 distributors across the USA, have your UnderCover LUX to your dealer/doorstep, in days rather than weeks.

State of the art tooling

The smooth, consistent, high quality finish that is present on the UnderCover is a result of our state of the art 5-Axis CNC machining centers.

Quality production

Each UnderCover LUX is molded over precision machined tools to product the most consistent, highest quality covers available.

Environmentally friendly

UnderCover takes pride in our eco-friendly paint processes as well as maintaining a commitment to quality, durability, and exceeding environmental compliance.

Great Looks

The LUX stylelines and rear spoiler create an aerodynamic styling not found in other covers; designed with soft corners, and subtle contours.

Custom Fit

UnderCover’s team of engineers have designed the LUX cover to precisely fit each truck bed according to its year, make, and model.

Painted ABS Composite

UnderCover LUX is made of ABS composite material, stronger than fiberglass, at half of the weight. LUX comes painted straight from our state of the art paint facility.

Hidden Hinge

A concealed hinge provides a tighter fit to your truck bed and allows for a quick no-tool removal.

Easy Install

Installation is simple and takes about 15-20 minutes with NO drilling required. Clamp on the provided brackets to the specified measurements, then set your cover on and make necessary adjustments.

Wall Mount

Wall mount hardware is included with the UnderCover Elite to keep your garage clutter free and keep the cover protected.

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