Bike Sport Racks

Product Highlights

Whether it's just you or a full carload of friends and family, get your bikes wherever you're going with a Thule bike rack – quickly, easily, and safely. If you're unsure which bike carrier suits you best, use our Buyer's Guide.

Roof Mounted Bike Carriers

Designed to express professionalism and attitude. The feeling will remain, even when the carrier is unloaded.

Thule Sidearm 594XT

Get maximum frame protection with this upright roof-mounted bike carrier as it makes contact with wheel only.

Thule Sprint 528

Thule’s premium fork mount bike carrier. It combines security and convenience with patented assurance technologies, making it the most complete fork mount bike carrier

Thule Sprint T-Track 569

Thule’s premium fork mount bike carrier. It combines security and convenience with patented assurance technologies, making it the most complete fork mount bike carrier.

Thule ThruRide 535

Thule’s thru-axle fork mount carrier fits the complete range of thru-axle diameters without needing adapters and has universal roof rack system compatibility

Hitch Mounted Bike Carriers

Thule’s hitch racks are easy to install and use. These durable racks mount to the receiver hitch so no base rack is required. Multiple options available to carry 1 to 5 bikes.

Thule Apex

Combines security, convenience and revolutionary new cradle design

Thule T2

Premier platform hitch rack is the fastest to load/unload bikes.

Thule Helium Aero

Nearly half the weight of most hitch racks

Thule EasyFold 9032

The most convenient, fully foldable, two bike carrier for E-bikes as well as all other types of bikes.

Rear Door Mounted Bike Carriers

If your car doesn’t have a tow bar and you need to transport your bikes, this is the perfect solution. Carries 2–4 bikes, is foldable, and easy to store.

Thule Raceway Platform 9003PRO 2 BIKE

The revolutionary new rear mounted platform rack that takes the ease of carrying bikes to new heights.

Thule Raceway 9001PRO, 9002PRO

The premium Thule Raceway is our strongest, most secure and easiest to use rear-mounted bike carrier

Thule Archway 9009XT, 9010XT

Blends security and convenience for easy use and storage

Thule Gateway 9006XT, 9007XT

Providing greater clearance over rear spoilers and maximizing the amount of vehicles it can work with.

Spare Tire Bike Carriers

No hitch receiver? Thule has racks that mount directly to your vehicle’s spare tire. These racks are compact, easy to install and carry 1 to 2 bikes.

Thule Spare Me™ 963PRO

Our heavy-duty bike rack that connects to your rear mounted spare tire now includes Stay-Put Cradles for better stability, an integrated locking cable for better security and a second adapter plate to fit more tire sizes!

Truck Bed Bike Carriers

Thule offers several, easy-access options for carrying bikes in the bed of your pick-up truck. Bikes can be locked to the rack for added security.

Thule Bed Rider 822XT

Carry 2 bikes in the bed of your pick-up truck with no bolting or drilling with this integrated locking fork mount carrier

Thule Insta-Gater Truck Bed Bike Carrier 501

Turn your pick-up truck bed into a versatile bike carrier. No drilling or bolting required.

Thule GateMate

The ultimate protection for your pick-up truck when carrying multiple bikes.

Thule Low Rider 821XT

Create your own carrying solutions with these fork mount blocks.

Bike Carrier Accessories

Accessories for the bike and bike carrier to keep your gear safe and to make your life easier when transporting or storing your bike.

Thule RoundTrip Transition

This hard shell premium bike case with integrated bike work stand makes traveling with your bike simple.

Thule RoundTrip Pro

Soft shell bike cases with integrated bike assembly stand makes traveling with your bike simple.

Thule RoundTrip Traveler

This lightweight bike case combines a tough and durable exterior with an integrated mounting system that makes it an easy and secure way to travel with your bike.

Thule RoundTrip Sport

UPS/Airline approved heavy-duty travel case for your road, mountain or cyclocross bike.

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