Seat Gloves

Product Highlights

Seat Gloves cover the prime sitting area of the seat and feature a center panel constructed of 3-Dimensional fabric with a moisture-wicking surface layer.
3-dimensional spacer fabrics combine as many as three different fibers in a simultaneous knitting operation to create a fabric with moisture management on the surface, spacer fibers in the center for breathability, and stretch solid warp knit fabric in the bottom for additional durability. This is a high-performance warp knit – not a laminate and not a foam, so it won’t flake or dry out.
  • Moisture Management Seating panel materials help keep you comfortable.
  • Breathable Cushioning 3-dimensional center panel provides extra compression resistance, breathability and insulation.
  • Form-Fitting Border Stretch fabric has the look and feel of neoprene, but it’s also breathable!
  • Fabric panels are positioned in prime seating areas for maximum comfort.
  • Easy to Install & RemoveSemi-custom sizes for most bucket seats, even with side airbags.
  • Easy Care – Just throw in the washer and dryer to clean.
  • Choose from five insert colors…from mild to wild!
  • Now available for seats with side airbags!

Fabric Styles

Blue (BL)



Grey (GY)


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