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Our aluminum truck tool boxes are made from the toughest materials on the market as they provide lockable storage for your tools and work supplies. Truck toolboxes allow you to organize loose tools so they don't clatter around the floor of your truck. Our saddle tool boxes use a no-drill mounting system that secures the toolbox to your truck bed rails; leaving room for plywood, sheetrock and other long items. Highway Products truck tool boxes have been setting industry standards for over 30 years as we back all pickup truck toolboxes with a lifetime warranty.

Gullwing Tool Box

The Gullwing cross over truck tool box is a double lid box that rests on the side rails of your truck. With its raised center and lowered lid entry, you can easily place long into this truck box and you can easy reach the bottom of the truck tool box. The tapered lid design matches the same contour of your cab, giving it that custom look. There are two Lockable T-Handles on both lids for easy entry. Every Gullwing saddle truck tool is constructed from marine grade aluminum so it will never rust. Gull Wing saddle tool boxes are available in sizes to fit all pickup trucks and they come with a Lifetime Warranty.

Single Lid Tool Box

Our single lid saddle tool box suspends from pickup side rails, allowing clearance between the box and the truck bed. Constructed from 1/8 inch marine grade aluminum, these corrosion free boxes provide superior security and a watertight seal. The combination of our re-enforced lid and high-strength body sets the industry standard for crossover truck tool boxes. Single Lid saddle truck tool boxes are available in sizes to fit all pickup trucks and come with our Lifetime Warranty.

Low Profile Tool Box

The Low Profile saddle tool box is the most durable truck box on the market. The low pro design increases visibility when looking through your rear view mirror and stays out of the way when you are turning your 5th wheel. Constructed from 1/8 inch marine grade aluminum, this corrosion free saddle toolbox keeps your tools secure and dry. The combination between our re-enforced lid and ultra tough body sets the industry standard for truck tool boxes. Our Low Profile pickup tool boxes are available in sizes to fit all pickup brands and come with our Lifetime Warranty.

High Side Tool Box

Maximize organization and productivity with our high capacity High Side truck tool box. These side mount truck tool boxes will never rust and they are half the weight of steel high-side boxes. The body of the box is made from .125 aluminum and the lid is .100 thick. The advanced rain gutter design diverts water away from the watertight seal. The combination between the rain gutter and weather stripping ensures that your tools and supplies are protected from the elements. High Side tool boxes make is easy to load and unload your tools because you do not have to bend down or step up to access them. Our side mount truck boxes are available in a variety of sizes and come with our Lifetime Warranty.

Low Side Tool Box

Low Side Tool Boxes mount over the bedrails of your truck and keep critical tools, parts and supplies, such as hand-held saws, power drills, tool belts, hammers and other tools, parts and supplies, while keeping the bed of the truck clear for lumber, sheets of plywood or other cargo.

The low side tool box comes with a durable aluminum removable tool tray with movable dividers. Need to take a select assortment of tools to where you’re working? Just lift out the tray and start walking. Taking the tray out or moving the tray from side to side also allows you to better organize and access the contents of the box.

Custom Tool Boxes

One of a kind projects keep our skills honed and give our customers the opportunity to organize their trucks to maximum efficiency. Do you need a custom sized tool box for your semi truck? How about a fire fighting rig that suits your terrain? Looking for something unique that your buddy doesn’t already have? We can do it.

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