Bull Bars


Unlike most brush guards and grille guards, ARB bull bars incorporate a fully engineered mounting system which completely replaces the standard bumper. During the design process, careful consideration of numerous factors ensures it will properly serve its purpose. ARB manufactures winch compatible bull bars and Sahara bars for most 4WDs - they provide the quality protection you expect, without compromising design and aesthetics.

Bull Bars / Bumpers & Tire Carriers

The harsh conditions of the Australian Outback are extremely demanding, and standard brush guards and grille guards simply aren’t strong enough to survive. For this reason, ARB pioneered the bull bar, designed specifically for maximum strength and reliability, to last in these tough conditions. And after years spent modifying and refining this design, the ARB bull bar is the most highly regarded 4×4 frontal protection system in the world.


With an air bag equipped 4×4 it is essential that the vehicle’s crush rate and air bag triggering is not altered when a bull bar is installed. To ensure compatibility, ARB assesses each vehicle’s frontal crush characteristics and replicates the crush rate into the design of each air bag compatible bull bar and its mounting system. This method enables engineers to achieve maximum possible vehicle and passenger protection without affecting the crash pulse. ARB has invested heavily in vehicle crash barrier tests to validate the performance and compliance of its air bag compatible bull bars, and as a consequence, our bars offer a far greater level of protection than most standard brush guards and grille guards.

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