SnugTop Accessories


You might not be able to put your finger on it, but you know it when you see it. Extra care and attention to detail. More durability. Well thought out designs. With a near-fifty year heritage of manufacturing excellence, the bar has been set high at SNUGTOP and the entire team is proud of their craftsmanship. Add to this state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, which ranges from 3D-CAD/CAM mold designs, computer-controlled equipment and an automated paint line, and you’ll see why SNUGTOP is second to none in design, innovation and quality.

Pet Screens

The plastic coated metal screen is mounted inside the window frame for a clean custom look.
“I bought the truck for me. I added the SnugTop for Toby” – Josef


The plastic coated metal screen is mounted inside the window frame for a clean custom look.

  • Windows can slide open for ventilation letting fresh air in
  • Provide an extra level of protection to you furry family
  • Prevents your 4-legged friend from breaking the screen mesh
  • Plastic coated metal for style and lasting security

YAKIMA Roof Rack

SNUGTOP and YAKIMA have joined forces to enable you to carry almost anything on your cap. Simply install a set of tracks and purchase the accessories for all of your recreational needs.


Control Tower System:
Includes: 54” or 60” tracks, 4 towers, a pair of 48” or 58” round cross bars, a set of 4 lock cores, landing pads and installation kit (Set of 4)

Yakima Tracks

Yakima Tracks offer easy connectivity and a low profile when towers are removed. Combine Yakima Tracks with your SNUGTOP to have a versatile, adjustable base for your rooftop.

  • Available in 54” and 60” lengths with cap nuts.

Control Towers are quick and easy to install and remove. These instantly make your vehicle ready to carry any gear!

  • Quickest on/off for a hassle-free installation and removal.
  • Design creates solid engagement for vehicles with tracks.

Yakima Landing Pads

Pair with versatile Control Towers to make easy and secure tower system.

  • Designed to fit with Control Tower system for the easiest on/off roof rack in the industry.
  • Includes a snap-on cover when not in use.

Yakima Crossbars

Crossbars attach to towers, provide stability to your roof rack, and support the sport-specific mounts that carry your gear. The width of your crossbars also determines how much stuff you can carry.

  • Round crossbars made from vinyl coated galvanized steel.
  • Includes 2 crossbars.
  • Crossbars are available in 48”or 58” widths.

Yakima SKS Lock Cores

SKS stands for “same key system.” These 4 cores enable you to lock all of your Yakima products with just one key.

  • Fits all lockable accessories
  • Includes 4 SKS Cores and matching keys
  • 2 keys included plus a control key

Rod Holder

Ready for a weekend on the boat? You will be with the SnugTop
Fishing Rod Holder!!!


Each holder can accomodate up to 4 rods!

  • Store fishing rods neatly and securely
  • Made of corrosion proof durable polypropylene
  • Foam grip pads hold fishing rods securely when transporting or storing
  • Foam grip pads won’t damage the finish of your fishing rod

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