Product Highlights

The SMITTYBILT Bumper line was engineered to provide maximum clearance for off road use. Each bumper has high degree approach angles and raised corners to maximize ground clearance, including rolled steel bars robotically welded for exact specifications. A two stage powder coat is then applied for the ultimate look. SMITTYBILT has a bumper design for your specific needs.

Gen2 Bumpers

SRC Gen2 Bumpers

Maximum protection with greater coverage from fender to fender.

XRC Gen2 Bumpers

Aggressive designed stubby bumpers for extreme approach angles.


Bolt-on design fits both XRC and SRC Gen2 Bumpers

XRC Bumpers

XRC Front Bumper

A steel frame and raised corners for clearance make these great Jeep bumpers.

XRC Front Bumper JK

When you need heavy duty off road toughness, count on XRC Jeep bumpers.

XRC Front Bumper Cherokee

The XRC Front Bumper for Jeep Cherokees provides the higher ground clearance you need for off-roading.

XRC Mod System JK

With the XRC Mod System for Jeep JKs, you’ll be equipped for winching and towing wherever you travel.

XRC Rear Bumper System

The Swing Away Tire Carrier makes this bumper system truly versatile.

XRC Rear Bumper JK

Rear XRC Jeep bumpers come with a tow hitch and optional spare tire mount.

XRC Rear Bumper Cherokee

The perfect companion to the XRC front bumper for Cherokees, this XRC Rear Bumper also maximizes ground clearance.


SRC Bumpers

SRC Front Bumper

SMITTYBILT SRC Jeep bumpers are designed to handle all forms of off road abuse.

SRC Front Bumper JK

For durability, utility, and performance, SRC Front Jeep Bumpers can do it all.

SRC Stinger Bumpers

The stinger technology provides maximum ground clearance and withstands the harshest terrains.

SRC Stinger Bumper JK

SMITTYBILT SRC Stinger bumpers are now available for the latest models of JK Jeeps.

SRC Rear Bumper

SMITTYBILT SRC Rear Jeep Bumpers are designed for the off-road enthusiast.

SRC Rear Bumper JK

The SRC Rear Jeep Bumpers are custom-built to contour around an oversized tire.

SRC Classic Bumpers

SRC Classic Front Bumper

Classic SRC Front Jeep Bumpers are Smittybilt’s bread and butter.

SRC Classic Front Bumper JK

SMITTYBILT SRC Classic Front Jeep bumpers offer trail-proven performance.

SRC Classic Rear Bumper

SMITTYBILT Classic SRC Rear Jeep Bumpers bring utility and toughness together.

Tubular Bumpers

Tubular Front Bumpers

SMITTYBILT tubular Jeep bumpers are precision built for premium quality.

Tubular Front Bumper JK

Crafted from high quality steel tubing and robotically welded for the utmost precision, each Tubular Bumper is specially treated with a zinc undercoating, followed by a dual powdercoat painted finish or triple chrome plating, making them the pinnacle of heavy duty performance and style.

Tubular Rear Bumpers

Tubular Rear Jeep Bumpers offer the same toughness as their front counterparts.

Tubular Rear Bumper JK

As the rear complement their front bumper counterpart, SMITTYBILT Tubular Rear Bumpers offer all the same features you would expect.

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