Open Country M/T


Designed to help full-sized pickups work hard on pavement, then work just as hard when roads are muddy, snowy, and rocky—or when there are no roads at all. The Open Country M/T combines solid on-road performance with extra ground clearance, higher load-carrying capacity, and greater ability to go off-road. Truck enthusiasts know it for its long wear, low noise and aggressive tread pattern.

Features and Benefits

Open, Scalloped Shoulder Blocks

  • Improves off-road traction by biting into the ground.
  • Prevents mud and snow buildup.

Aggressive, Attack Tread Design with Hook-Shaped Blocks

  • Delivers excellent off-road traction and great on-road performance.

Over-the-Shoulder Tread

  • Provides additional forward traction in deep mud and snow.
  • Delivers improved handling in turns.

Deep Siping in the Tread Blocks

  • Helps maintain grip on wet surfaces.

High Turn-Up, 3-Ply Polyester Casing

  • Strengthens tire to provide excellent handling and durability, while maintaining proper load capacity.

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