Chevy City Express

Product Highlights

Since 1970 Kargo Master Rack Systems has listened to your wants and needs. Our hallmark is to provide the best in truck and commercial van ladder racks, equipment, and accessories. We offer streamlined styling without compromising strength or security. Our systems include truck racks, ladder racks, van shelving, lumber racks, and van roof racks to name a few.

Chevy City Express Van Shelving Packages

400AL Aluminum Commercial Shelving LWB Package

401AL Aluminum Deluxe Shelving LWB Package

402AL Aluminum Shelving HVAC LWB Van Package

403AL Aluminum Shelving Telecom LWB Package

400CE Chevy City Express Commercial Van Package

401CE City Express Deluxe Commercial Van Shelving Package

402CE City Express General Service Van Shelving Package

403CE Chevy City Express Plumbing Van Package

404CE City Express Electrical Contractor Van Package

405CE City Express HVAC Van Shelving Package

406CE City Express Telecom Van Shelving Package

407CE City Express Wire Partition Van Shelving Package

Chevy City Express Partition

Compact Van Aluminum Partition

Compact Van Partition

Compact Van Wire Partition

Compact Van ladder rack

Compact Vans
EZ-LoDown™ Ladder Rack

Compact Vans Clamp & Lock Ladder Rack

Top Mount Ladder Rack for Compact Van

Additional Van Equipment

62" Aluminum Feather-Lite Adjustable Shelf Unit

Aluminum Van Shelving Door Kit

32" Aluminum Feather-Lite Adjustable Shelf Unit

26" EZ Adjustable Van Shelf

32" EZ Adjustable Van Shelf

10" Shelf Lip

5" Wide Stackable Dividable Plastic Bin

10" Wide Stackable Dividable Plastic Bin

Shelf Dividers

Steel Drawer Cabinets

Door Kit for Shelf

J Hook Three Prong

Hanging File Holder

Wire Reel Holder 5 Spindle

Divided Plastic Bin Module With Shelf Lip

Standing Binder Holder

Standing Bin Holder

Refrigerant Tank Rack ( 4 x 30#)

Refrigerant Tank Rack (3 x 30# or 1 x 50# and 2 x 30#)

Cabinet Locker Full Door

Wire Water Jug Holder

3 Long Drawers Unit

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