Tire Carriers

Product Highlights

Built to the same uncompromising standards as our bull bars, all ARB tire carriers incorporate a heavy duty towing system and depending on the vehicle may accommodate one or two tires or a jerry can holder. There are many benefits associated with fitting a tire carrier to a vehicle. Many 4x4s have their spare tire positioned underneath the vehicle making it difficult to access and vulnerable to damage, particularly in harsh off road environments. Others have their spare tire mounted on the back door, which can place stress on the door hinges, resulting in rattles and compromised dust sealing as increased wear is put on the door assembly. Both of these mounting methods can also prove unsuitable if a larger tire size is sought. An ARB tire carrier addresses all of these issues, relocating the spare tire onto the bumper assembly via a swing out carrier.



  • Wheel/jerry can carriers can be optioned on either side of the rear bumper on most vehicle models
  • A single carrier can be fitted, or the rear bar can be installed without any carriers whatsoever. Neat, insert panels are used instead
  • Twin 33″ or a single 35″ tire can be accommodated on most vehicle models
  • Carriers are mounted via dual shear pivots for maximum strength
  • Spare tire is secured to the stud plate with a lock nut, an optional padlock locks the stud plate to the carrier
  • Multi fit spare wheel stud system provides flexibility for alternative rim selection
  • Wing sections can be removed and replaced if they sustain damage
  • Heavy duty towing system, complete with removable hitch and terminated wiring loom
  • Dual, laminated towing points & Hi-Lift jacking points
  • Extruded alloy step section
  • Supplied in a grey metallic powder coat
  • Provision to mount an optional CB antenna bracket and camp light


  • Accepts up to a 35-37″ spare tire (depending on model)
  • Multi Fit spare wheel stud system to accomodate aftermarket lug patterns
  • Recovery Points
  • Hi-Lift jacking points
  • Mounting provisions for aftermarket back up light (optional IPF part number 8161)
  • Durable black powder coat finish

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